We often went to Southern Indiana to visit the casinos. We enjoy playing at different casinos and often take road trips to find them. Three of the four casinos in Southern Indiana are owned by companies with casinos in Las Vegas, so with our player’s cards we got offers for Las Vegas. Of course, we also find other interesting things and places while we are driving to the different casinos. And we’re often surprised at all the great things you can find in the small towns. Here are some of the places we visited while also hitting the casinos there.

Lawrenceburg, IN

The first casino we went to was Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, IN. Pulling up to the hotel, it looked like an old-fashioned hotel. It gives a small town feel to the area. It is connected to the Lawrenceburg event center & you can get ticket offers with your players card. The event center holds many concerts and other activities for the town.

The town itself is a surprise. It is located on the Ohio River and is known as the Whiskey City because Seagram’s had a distillery there. The distillery is still there and makes whiskey, but Seagram’s sold it awhile back. The town has quite a few parks. Civic Park is a few steps from the river and has a grandstand and splash park. Arch Street Park has a new Inclusive Playground. There are two other parks oriented towards family with playgrounds and benches. The park that I really like is Newton Park. This has a walking path along the river, with park benches throughout. It also has a beautiful fountain and a Civil War cannon. They recently added two chess and checker game tables. Downtown offers quite a few stores and some great restaurants. One of our favorites is Acapulco’s. Their Mexican cuisine is really great! For history buffs, you can visit Vance Tousey House. Vance is considered the founder of Lawrenceburg. Also check out the Angevine Cabin. This is a cabin from some early pioneers who settled in Lawrenceburg. The Dearborn County Historical Society is another great spot for history buffs. If you visit in winter hit the ski slopes at Perfect North Slopes. There is also a speedway at the fairgrounds which has a 3/8th mile high banked clay oval track. This town is definitely packed with lots fun thing to explore.

Rising Sun, IN

Rising Sun, IN is about 10 miles from Lawrenceburg. Most of the drive here is along the Ohio River. The views are spectacular and very soothing. Our reason for coming to Rising Sun, is to go to the Rising Star casino. The actual casino here is on an old riverboat and is three levels. There are over 1100 slot machines and a couple restaurants and bars. However, they added another section on land to the casino where there are more restaurants and shops. During the Christmas season, they set up with reindeer and a meet Santa workshop outside and then decorate the front section of the casino with lots of Christmas decorations. This is our favorite time to go.

The town of Rising Sun is a small town with shopping and restaurants on Main Street. Riverfront Park is a place to hear music and picnic with family. Denver Sierman Park has hiking trails and a pond. For golf lovers, there are two golf courses and one of them is at the casino. If you like animals, check out the wolves and other animals at Red Wolf Sanctuary.

Florence, IN

Start heading down the highway to Kentucky and you come to Belterra Casino and Resort in Florence, IN. If you are coming from Lawrenceburg, I advise to not follow your GPS. It takes you through a lot of country roads to get there and is much longer. We found going the highway, is not only faster, but less confusing. As you head down the highway you do go through Kentucky to get back to Indiana, but you will also pass the Kentucky speedway for any of those Nascar enthusiasts. The exit for Belterra is the same for the speedway.

There really isn’t a town to speak of in Florence. It is more the casino and great golf course that makes this notable. For us just driving here was worth it to see the scenery we wouldn’t normally get to see.

Elizabeth, IN

Heading towards Louisville, KY you will see a lot of signs for whiskey distilleries and vineyards. If you have time, stop and check some of these out. Louisville has so much to offer, it would be a post of its own, but it is an option for a stop on your trip in Indiana. Since we also like to thrift, we always went to the Goodwill bins in Clarksville, IN. They are a short side trip on the way to Elizabeth. The last casino on our trip is Caesar’s Southern Indiana in Elizabeth, IN. Short history lesson, when gaming was first approved in Indiana, the casinos had to be on the river. So, when Caesar’s first bought this property, the casino was on a riverboat in the river, but since then it has become a true resort with a hotel and casino. The casino has one notable restaurant: Gordan Ramsey Steak. This is also a place for golfers as the casino has their own golf course.

Elizabeth is 25 miles from Louisville, KY and is a small rural town. There are the basic things like post office, police and fire stations, etc. but no real main street to speak of. When you drive to the casino, you go through many corn fields. There are no real restaurants to speak of, so if you don’t want to eat at the casino, your best bet is to head to Louisville.

Bonus: Santa Claus, IN

So normally we would take the same route back to PA, but this time we got a notification that there was a lot of construction and long back-ups, so we found a new route back to PA and was surprised to find the town of Santa Claus, IN. It was a little out of the way, but it was so fun!! There were Santa Claus statues everywhere. It isn’t a very big town but so festive! We drove all around to see all of the Santa Claus themed buildings. And of course, they had a shopping plaza with stores that had all sorts of Christmas items. I had to do some shopping!! If you love Christmas, and are near here, I highly recommend stopping by. After all of these stops, we were ready for home.


As mentioned, we love to go to new places, go to casinos and do thrifting while we are traveling. I hope that this has given you another place to go on your adventures. Southern Indiana is full of surprises and has plenty of things to explore. Everyone has something they love to do, whether hiking, golfing, gambling, shopping or any other number of things. While you are doing the thing you love, try going to new areas to fulfill your passion and in the meantime check out this new area and see what other great things are here. Check out some of our other articles about our adventures and hopefully you’ll find the place of your dreams. If you want to see some of our travels, head to this link for more information: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKt9cdRjiEK4SLfEKejZV1A

By Greg and Peggy

We are two people who love to travel, thrift and play slot machines. We love going to new places, especially if there is a casino! We just want to share our adventures with people and hope to inspire them to explore and have fun!

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