Since we moved to Nevada, I’m realizing that there are many more places to visit than I first thought. I knew about Reno and Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon, etc. but I keep finding more and more places that I had no idea were here. So, I decided to make a bucket list for myself and for anyone else that would like to know what there is to do in Nevada besides go to Las Vegas.

Near Las Vegas:

Mount Charleston-which is located in the Springs Mountain Natural Recreation area. Approximately an hour from Las Vegas, this drive takes you from desert to mountain in a short amount of time. This is also the name of a town near the mountain where you can hike, picnic or do a scenic drive. There is also a visitors’ center, in summer you can ride the ski lift in Lee Canyon and ski in the winter. And so much more!

El Dorado Canyon & Ghost Town in Nelson, NV. This is about an hour from Las Vegas. You can do a mine tour in Techatticup Mine and see the ghost town. Reservations are required for gold mine tours.

Grapevine Canyon also known as Christmas Tree Pass located in Bridge Canyon wilderness area and Avi Kwa Ame also known as Spirit Mountain Wilderness area in Lake Mead National Recreation Area near Laughlin, NV. It’s about an hour and a half from Las Vegas. You can hike to the canyon and at the base is a large concentration of Petroglyphs. It’s about 3-miles round trip or continue on the trail into the canyon which is a 16-mile hike.

Laughlin is next on my list since it’s so close to Grapevine Canyon. Not only do they have casinos, which we love, but there is also a riverwalk and water activities.

Next is Valley of Fire State Park in Overton, NV. This is 50 miles NE of Las Vegas. Since it is a state park, there is a fee of $10 for NV residents and $15 for non-residents. Best known for Elephant Rock formation, there are plenty of other sites here. You can drive the park and stop at the overlooks or hike the many trials.

Of course, I have to add Sloan Canyon right here in Henderson to my list. There are hiking trails and beautiful scenery here to get pictures of, but the petroglyphs are what I want to see! The petroglyphs hiking trail is what Sloan Canyon is best known for. This is on BLM land.

More of NevadaNye County

Rhyolite Ghost town is on my list. This is Beatty, NV about 120 miles NW of Las Vegas. This is in Nye County, so let’s continue with places in Nye.

Amargosa Valley this town is at the entrance to Ash Meadows Wildlife Reserve and Big Dune where you can see some huge sand dunes. This is only about an hour and a half from Las Vegas and if you are planning a trip to Death Valley, which is next on my list, Amargosa Valley is a great place to stay the night.

Just a quick couple things about Death Valley, it does have a $30 per vehicle entrance fee. If you just want to drive the scenic route, it is 100 miles. If you plan to do some hiking, you might need a couple days to see everything.

A bit further from Las Vegas, but still in Nye County, is Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Austin, NV. This is 5 hours from Las Vegas. Again, since it is a state park, there is an entrance fee, $5 for residents and $10 for non-residents. There is a ghost town and ghost mine here, but the biggest attraction is the largest skeletal remains of an Ichthyosaurus, an ancient marine animal.

Another place in Nye County on my list is Tonopah, NV. This is about 3 and a half hours from Las Vegas. This is a tourist town for sure with 2 well known places to check out. The first is the Mizpah Hotel and the other is the Clown Motel. Any CSI fans will remember this place. I just have to see it some day!

Great Basin National Park is another place I would like to visit. It’s located in Baker, NV and is about 4.5 hours from Las Vegas. There’s hiking & fishing. 2 Visitors centers. There is a cave with pictographs, and it has Nevada’s only glacier.

Reno Area

Let’s head up to the Reno area next. So, I’ve always wanted to go to Reno, since it is known as the “Biggest little city in the world”. I think of it as a miniā€“Las Vegas. Besides the casinos, there is plenty of other things to do including a river walk. Reno is about 7 hours from Las Vegas.

With Reno comes Lake Tahoe. Another place I’ve always wanted to visit. Pictures I’ve seen are beautiful. I’ll be sure to let you know all about it when we get there.

Not far from Reno is Pyramid Lake. It is about 35 miles NE from Reno. You can fish, hike, and Kayak on the lake. If you want to swim or camp here, you must get a permit. There is a museum and visitor center here. This area is where they hold the burning man ceremony. It is also on native land so be sure to follow all of their rules while visiting.

In Fallon, NV you will find Grimes Point. Here you will find Hidden Cave Archeological Site. In order to visit inside the cave, you must go on a guided tour. You can do a quarter mile self-guided hike around the cave without making a reservation. You will see some petroglyphs around the cave, but many more in the cave itself.

The rest of Nevada

Another state park I would like to visit is Echo Canyon State Park. This is located in Pioche, NV. This is approximately 3 hours from Las Vegas. Again, a $5 fee for NV residents or $10 for non-residents is required. There is a 65-acre reservoir here. Fishing, boating and hiking are some of the activities available here.

How could we not include our state capital of Carson City? This is 7 hours from Las Vegas. There is a lot of history here including nearly 50 landmarks on the Kit Carson trial. You can also take a train to Virginia City and see the old mines. Of course, there are modern places here also, but visiting the museums and other historical sites makes it a place I would like to visit.

Last but not least, we have to include Rachel, NV. Better known as the town outside of Area 51. This is roughly 2.5 hours from Las Vegas. This town has really adopted all of the alien lore surrounding Area 51. If you love all the alien touristy stuff, then this is a place you should visit.


There are still so many other places to see in Nevada and I’ll do another blog listing them, but this is a list of places I would like to visit. Two places I didn’t mention are Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam because I have been there, but you definitely want to check them out. As you can see there great things to do in Nevada and pretty much anywhere you look. If you’re interested in traveling to Nevada, I hope this gave you a starting place of things to do here. Even if you aren’t planning a trip here, look in your area, I’m sure you’ll find places you never realized were nearby. Do a weekend road trip or just a day trip and find a new adventure. We love to travel and hope to inspire others to find new things to explore. Please read about more of our adventures, especially if you are looking for a new travel adventure.

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By Greg and Peggy

We are two people who love to travel, thrift and play slot machines. We love going to new places, especially if there is a casino! We just want to share our adventures with people and hope to inspire them to explore and have fun!

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