Not only are there some fun things to do in Winslow itself, but it is a great place to make as your base if you want to visit some of the great parks near here. We also found it was a good midway point to stop from Santa Fe to Nevada.

What to do in Winslow

  1. Standin’ on the Corner park. This is probably one of the things Winslow is best known for. The one line in this Eagle’s hit song has become so widely known that people flock here to see this corner. There is a statue of Glenn Frey and one of Jackson Browne in the park, along with you guessed it, a flatbed Ford! There is some great signage here, not only referring to the song, but about being on Route 66. The Standin’ on the Corner shop is also a must see. The memorabilia here is awesome, not to mention all the little knickknacks you can pick up.
  2. Route 66 Mural. There is a mural of the Route 66 road sign painted on the intersection right by Standin’ on the Corner park. Even if you’re not a big Route 66 buff, it is pretty cool to see. Another must see is Arizona Route 66 Trading Company. This is one of quite a few shops on this square of downtown Winslow. There is not only a lot of Route 66 merchandise, but other items for tourists to remember their trip to Winslow.
  3. Old Trails Museum. This museum is loaded with Native artifacts, local art , Santa Fe Railroad equipment and Route 66 history. If you love history, this is a must see.
  4. La Posada Hotel. This is a true history buffs dream. The hotel was constructed by the railway to host all of the passengers when they stopped for a night or two. It is located trackside. La Posada means the Resting Place and that the theme for it’s design. It was designed by Mary Jane Colter in 1929. She was one of the most important female designers in American history. Fred Harvey, who developed and ran all hotels and restaurants for Santa Fe railroad company also helped with decoration of the hotel and development of the restaurant, The Turquoise Room. The hotel still accommodates guests today with a variety of room types available. While you are here, be sure to check out the museum and bookstore. They also have some lovely gardens you can explore, and you can’t miss the Amtrak depot at the rear of the property. Passenger trains still stop here twice a day. Check out the Martini Bar and get southwestern cuisine at The Turquoise Room.
  5. Hubbell Trading Post and Warehouse/Visitor’s Center. Winslow’s visitor center is located in what was once the Hubbell Trading Post and Warehouse. The Hubbell family owned quite a few trading posts in the area including the historical site and park, Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, AZ. The Hubbell family bought this trading post from the Richardson brothers in 1917 and was open through the 1960’s. Not only did they sell merchandise here but warehoused their extra ware here. It is now the Visitor’s Center. The Visitor’s center has a lot of information on the Winslow area. I recommend putting this on your list of things to do especially if you love history!
  6. 9-11 Memorial Garden. This was built in memory of the 9-11 tragedy. It’s centerpiece is actual wreckage from the World Trade Center. They built this park for people to know Arizona will never forget.
  7. McHood Park and Clear Creek. This park is only 5 miles SW of Winslow and offer swimming, boating and camping. You can also bring your kayaks here. You can rent a canoe and paddle out to Clear Creek Canyon.
  8. Homolovi State Park. This park preserves over 300 Ancestral Puebloan archeological sites. It is 3 miles NE of Winslow. The name is a Hopi word meaning “place of little hills”. There are many trails to hike on your own or with a tour guide. You can camp there but have to make same day reservations. For more information about the park visit their website.
  9. Brigham City Fort. This old ghost town is 2 miles NE of Winslow. It was built by Mormon pioneers in 1878 but abandoned a short time later in 1881. It is along the Little Colorado River and flash flooding wiped out their crops and some of their homes thus causing them to abandon the area. There is very little left here, but you can see some parts of buildings left behind.
  10. Little Painted Desert County Park. This park is 5 miles SW of Winslow. It has beautiful views of the painted desert is definitely worth visiting. However, since this is not a state park, it is not maintained very well. Don’t expect amenities that you find in other parks. There are some picnic tables still around, but the area is a bit overgrown and there is some graffiti on the few structures there. It is worth it to go snap some pictures and enjoy the landscape, but don’t plan to spend a lot of time here. Make sure to take water with you as there is nothing here.
  11. Meteor Crater Natural Landmark. Not only is there a big hole in the ground where the meteor landed, but there is a museum and gift shop here. Even though it is just a hole in the ground, it’s pretty cool to see. There is some other history here besides the meteor landing, while the NASA astronauts were preparing for the first moon mission they came here to do exercises and train here. If you are interested in space and/or history this is a great place to visit. It is about 18 miles W of Winslow. The only drawback is the cost to get in. For adults it is $29.
  12. Rock Art Ranch. This is a privately owned working ranch with both cattle and bison. It also has excavated Ancestral Puebloan ruins, a Navajo hogan and sweat lodge and many petroglyphs. The owner of the ranch offers guided tours that are $35. It is definitely worth it if you enjoy Native history. You must make reservations. To learn more, visit this site. It is about 23 miles NE of Winslow.
  13. Two Guns, Arizona. If you like old ghost towns with lots of history, then this is a place for you. This town started out as a trading post and is near Apache Death Cave, where both Navajo and Apache were massacred. This helped the town cater to tourists visiting the cave. Soon a store, restaurant and gas station were built. Then Harry E. Miller bought the land and built a zoo and Indian gift shop along with the other businesses already here. But the town was plagued with problems including a fight between some of the owners and a fire. Even so, it kept being rebuilt and had promise of new exit off Interstate 40 as it was being built. But again, tragedy struck and the whole town was burned in an inferno. Alas, it became a ghost town. You can still see ruins of the zoo and gas station. You can also tour the cave. This true ghost town is just a few miles W of Winslow.
  14. Petrified Forest National Park. This park is a little further away, 55 miles E of Winslow, but is a wonderful place to put on your bucket list. Not only does it have a lot of the petrified wood that it is named for, but it also has Triassic fossils! It is like two parks in one. It also has the beautiful landscape of the painted desert. You can drive the entire park in about an hour stopping at a few of the overlooks. If you enjoy hiking, there are also a many hiking trails to explore. For more information, check the park’s website here.


Although Winslow may not be a sprawling city, it does have lots of things to offer. Not to mention it’s a great central location to visit some of the wonderful parks in the area. When we stopped here, it was more to break up our trip, so we didn’t take advantage of everything there is to offer. It’s definitely on our list to go back to. If you’re looking for somewhere new to explore in Arizona, I recommend Winslow and all of the surrounding parks. We hope to inspire people to find their own adventures and hope you find a special place that you enjoy! There are new and fun things to do all over our country, so even if it’s just a day trip near you, find your adventure! For more information on fun places we’ve been, please read more on our website or click here for our videos.

By Greg and Peggy

We are two people who love to travel, thrift and play slot machines. We love going to new places, especially if there is a casino! We just want to share our adventures with people and hope to inspire them to explore and have fun!

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